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Big Sister Plush


BIG SISTER DOLL:  Made by Ganz, a brand we all know and love for making absolutely the best plush, this gift is such an adorable addition to your gift basket for any daughter already a part of the family. This doll for a big sister is a cute plush that your little one will absolutely adore. From her pink bows holding up her pigtails, to her cute little pink dress that says Super Big Sister, the new big sister in the family is going to love this doll.

Whether she wants to bring her doll to have a tea party, to play dress-up, to run around in the park, or to take a nap with her, this doll will be her new best friend. Her cape that also says Super Big Sister will remind the little one that she has a big job now to help Mommy and Daddy with the newborn baby, and she is going to be a superhero just like her doll with all of the ways she is going to help her parents! Such an adorable doll is an excellent addition to any gift basket for a newborn baby for a family that already has a beautiful little girl to remind her she is sure to be a super big sister now!