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Big Brother Plush


BIG BROTHER DOLL: Know a family with a newborn that you’d like to welcome by sending a gift basket, but you want to make sure their little boy also receives something special? Sometimes it’s tough for the older child to see Mommy and Daddy focus all of their attention on the newborn baby, and to see the baby get all of these toys and gifts too. A little friend for their son is just what he needs to make sure he hasn’t been forgotten about, and to make sure he has a friend at home too! This big brother doll from Ganz is made by a brand we all know and love for creating the best and most adorable plush.

The doll’s smile will light up their son’s face when he receives his new little friend. Whether he wants to bring his doll with him to play outside, to watch TV, or to take a nap with him, he will want to take his new friend everywhere with him. From his t-shirt and cape that says Super Big Brother, to his warm smile and bright red shorts and shoes, this plush makes such an adorable gift for any family with a son who has just become a big brother. It may be a hard time to adjust for everyone in the family, especially the little one already there to see another baby that Mommy and Daddy have to spend time with, so to make sure they don’t feel alone and they also receive a special gift, this doll is absolutely the best.