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Pinot Grigio Barefoot USA


Barefoot Pinto Grigio white wine is perfect for enjoying with the people you love. Perfectly suited to be served with a diverse array of dishes and delicious meals. Everything on the menu will be impeccably complemented with this fruity wine. From the award winning Barefoot winery, this gorgeous bottle of upscale white wine is sure to impress with its zippy taste and long tingly finish. incredible bottle of white wine this scrumptious Pinot Grigio is the perfect fun, refreshing wine for every occasion.

This elegant off dry white wine is full of fruity flavors such as pineapple and melon with subtle hints of sweet peach and other delectable fruits. A long finish gives this wine a sultry mouthfeel that stays on your tongue and delights your tastebuds. No matter where or whom you enjoy it with, this delicious bottle of Pinot guarantees a smile with every delicious sip.