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Baby Walker


Buy this baby walker and add 4 to 6 items such as baby clothes, blankets, plush, etc as part of your DIY gift basket. This walking trolley is gender neutral so all babies can happily use this miniature stroller to play and have fun. This gift is perfect for when your baby girl or baby boy is learning how to walk.

He or she can hold onto its handle and put their left foot after their right foot, step by step, and use this as a tool to assist them to stride consistently. Get your child moving with this walking toy. The Janod brand is known for their creativity while incorporating lovely, trendy baby items well suited by small children. This wooden baby walker is durable and can withstand your baby using it daily. Janod ccan be trusted for their high quality of their baby products because they ensure all standards and regulations are in place.

Babies and infants everywhere can play safely without parents need for worry. Once you’ve received your baby gift basket Canada and you remove all the wonderful baby items packed inside, you now a baby walker you can use. It is a great stand-alone toy but also educational to help those babies still learning to walk.