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Baby Wagon Gift Basket for Boy


This Baby Boy Little Tikes Wagon Gift Basket includes:

WAGON: Your little boy will absolutely love strolling around in this adorable Little Tikes red wagon that is the main feature of this baby boy gift! This iconic red colour is great for both boys and girls to ride around in, and it is built with the strength and stability from a brand you know and love.

PLUSH: An adorably fluffy blue plush bear is the perfect addition into your little one’s life as he goes on his greatest adventures. This baby boy gift basket includes an adorable bear that he will love to snuggle with and bring with him wherever he goes.

ONESIE: With 100% cotton, this baby blue onesie will always ensure both warmth and comfort for your baby. He will be comfortable and stylish as he rocks this adorable outfit apart of this gift for baby boys.

BLANKET: One of our top-rated items for baby gift baskets, this baby blanket will keep your baby boy warm during all occasions, whether it be on a walk to the park or during nap time!

BOOK: Nothing can compare to story-time with you and your little one, and this baby book will guarantee to create several beautiful moments before your baby boy dozes off during any time of day.

BABY ONESIE: Made using only the best and finest materials, this baby gift basket includes an adorable 100% cotton baby blue onesie that will make your baby boy look so handsome every time he wears it.