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Baby Wagon


Send your customized gift Canada by adding 5 to 10 baby items such as clothes, blankets, plush, lotions, etc in this cute baby wagon as the basket! This Little Tikes red wagon is multi-functional item can be both a toy and a basket. Start your kid’s adventure when they sit down and enjoy the ride in their very own baby wagon.

There is plenty of room for your baby to sit comfortably and even as they grow older into a toddler, the space is available. Mom and dad will also appreciate the size of this kid cart because they can put other baby essentials such as a blanket or an extra pair of baby clothes or food to keep alongside their child. Going for long walks or just a stroll down the street, the wagon is the perfect method of transportation for your baby to make the ride that much more fun and enticing! There is enough room if your baby gets tired and wants to curl up into a napping position; the wagon offers plenty surface area to allow your baby to have a quick snooze. If this is your second child and mom and dad want to take both kids out for a walk, unlike most one seated strollers, this cart can accompany the ride for both children.

The wagon is also easier on the parents because it practically does the work for you. With the long handle, the push and pull system makes maneuvering backward and forward and turning left and right easy on your arms and core. It can handle rougher grounds and bumpy terrains. Going through a patch of dirt or a rocky road, the four durable wheels and sturdy main unit stronger and more to fit to equip those off-road handling of grassy and rocky paths. It’s easy to clean. If your baby drops their food or spills their drink or maybe the mud from their shoes gets inside, in any case, the material allows for a quick and easy wash.