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Baby Muslin Blanket


This multifunctional blanket made with premium muslin will ensure your baby feels safe and secure! Wrap your newborn in this soft cloth because a swaddle blanket is an essential item during your baby’s early months. Babies have a natural startle reflex because they are so reactive and curious to their surroundings. Swaddling protects your baby against this meaning better sleep for both baby and new parents.

Muslin blankets are wonderful to swaddle because they are large enough and give enough material to wrap your baby boy or baby girl up tightly so there is no access room to fidget or wiggle out completely. The soft touch of this muslin blanket can also help reduce or eliminate anxiety because your baby can learn a self-sooth ability. When the blanket is coddled around the baby, in addition it helps keep his or her hands off their face and assists in averting scratching. The sun and its harsh UV rays can be damaging to a baby’s new skin.

Whether your baby is out in the stroller or in their car seat and the sun is peaking in, muslin blankets make for ideal shields against the sun.  Parents want the softest and most baby friendly material especially when its going to be rubbed up against baby’s sensitive skin. Our muslin blanket is breathable so perfect for any newborn! Your baby is sure to not ever be uncomfortable or irritable with this blanket wrapped tight around its body or just holding it in their arms. It comes pre-washed so it is ready to use right away to keep your baby fresh and clean