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Baby Girl Pink Swaddle Blanket Set of 2


Buy this thoughtful gift of a baby girl pink swaddle blanket set 2. Swaddling is important from birth because babies love to be cuddled and held. They always want to feel warm and secure. However, a mother or father’s arms isn’t always available and it is important to teach your child self-soothing. Swaddling does all these things.

The blanket keeps your baby girl warm and cozy. The tightness mirrors being held and reflects a level of comfort and ease that a loose fitting cloth wouldn’t provide. Sleeping is of the utmost important for a newborn because it is when she repackages nutrients, promotes growth, boosts learning and helps the heart. Parents want to do whatever they can to enhance this sleeping experience and do what they can to better situate their baby.

Moreover, a swaddling blanket is not limited to sleeping. A swaddle blanket can also be used as a shield against the sun if your baby girl is riding in your stroller as her and mom go for a walk on a summer day or maybe it’s a October night and it’s a bit chillier in the air, the blanket can be used as an added layer of warmth or maybe baby girl is in the backseat going for ice-cream with dad and the sun is peaking in, the blanket is protective against mother nature’s UV rays.

This multi-functional blanket has many uses! We also include two so you can keep one in your car and the other in your nursery, or crib, or stroller. Or maybe one is in the wash and you don’t want your baby to be without their much-loved blanket. You don’t need to stress about just the placement of one, take two!