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Baby Boy Swaddle Blanket 2 Pack


This baby boy swaddle blanket 2 pack makes for a wonderful gift for all new and existing parents with a newborn son. Swaddling is so important because it surfaces a level of security and safety that other blankets are equipped to do so effectively.

Snugly wrap your baby in this 100% cotton cloth as a means to settle, soothe, and calm your baby down. Babies have what’s called a, “startle reflex” which is when parts of their body, either legs kick, arms flail, hands grab, or body jerks because it is an involuntary motor response. A swaddle blanket keeps their legs and arms tight so they will not get startled, eliminating any potential of a disturbance of sleep.

The feeling of being “held” close and tight is maternal and innate in babies wanting to be held. While nursing, our swaddle blankets have breathable material, helping mom and dads from smothering their baby causing overheating. Instead, a comfortable space is created and maintained for the baby to feel safe and secure. The longer and more consistent and uninterrupted the sleep, the better your baby will feel.

A swaddle blanket can be stationed as a play mat for your baby to roll around and have fun on or even laid down as a diaper changing mat where your baby can lie on his back softly on  this material. This swaddle blanket set comes with 2 premium cotton fabrics making switching between either easy and convenient.