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5 Piece Baby Girl Set


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This 5 piece baby girl set made from 100% cotton includes:

SLEEPERS: Whether your little princess is lying in bed or she is snuggled up in mommy and daddy’s arms, this one-piece sleeper is the perfect sleeper suit to cast your baby girl asleep.

ONESIE: Choose this high quality onesie as both the ideal suit for a stylish outfit on its own or if the weather is a little colder and you want to layer this piece with additional clothing. This onesie is made to eliminate the bothers of babies fitting in a top and bottom

HAT: Put this super warm hat on your baby’s head to keep your baby girl warm. Not only does this cotton piece protect her from the cold but it also serves as a beanie to protect her head from the sun!

BIB: Throw on this bib to save you the trouble of doing extra loads of laundry or having to throw out clothes entirely because of spilled chocolate milk or the glaring stain of tomato sauce. The bib can rest comfortably in front of your baby girl’s mouth so if she makes a mess, the bib is there to clean it up.

MITTENS: Keep those tiny ten fingers warm by slipping on these adorable mittens. You wouldn’t want your precious little girl’s hands to hurt or be irritated from the cold conditions of Canadian weather so that’s why our cotton gloves come in handy!