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5 Piece Baby Gender Neutral Set


This 5 piece baby gender neutral set made from 100% cotton includes:

SLEEPERS: Boy or girl, sleep is so very important for babies. This sleeper is the most functional item of clothing for any newborn to easily fall into a deep slumber either tucked safely away in the crib or wrapped tightly in mother’s arms.

ONESIE: Fit your baby in this high quality onesie today and have him or her looking stylish and feeling good immediately! The great thing about a onesie is you can dress your newborn in this item either as a standalone outfit or decide to layer it up with additional tops or bottoms. The outfit choices are up to you and your baby!

HAT: Your baby will look extra cute with this beanie that fits comfortably over his or her head! This hat is great for warmth, but also to keep your precious one safe from harsh weather conditions; both cold and sun related. 

BIB: Thank this bib later for saving you and your baby a potential mess just waiting to happen all over his or her new threads! Save yourself the time and the money by applying this bib to keep the food off his or her clothes every single time.

MITTENS: Babies love to have their hands out and touch and feel. Allow your baby to have the freedom without worrying about the cold being too harsh on their skin or them touching something dangerous. These gloves are as much warm as they are safe