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5 Piece Baby Boy Set


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This 5 piece baby boy set made from 100% cotton includes:

SLEEPERS: As your baby boy lays to rest in his crib or in your arms, this sleeper is the perfect suit to have him feeling comfortable  and warm as he gets some shut eye. It is a one piece sleeper new parents will appreciate the easiness to getting him in and out of this outfit

ONESIE: This high quality onesie is perfect on its own or is suitable as a layering piece on those colder days. Your baby boy will love how the soft cotton material feels and won't need to worry about pants riding up or a shirt not fitting. 

HAT: Keep your little guy's head warm with this cotton hat! Protect his head from the cold and the sun with a piece that keeps the warmth in from the top and lends itself throughout the rest of his body.

BIB: A bib is just the extra bit of materiel your precious one needs to keep him and his clothes clean. Babies can often create messes when they eat and the last thing a parent wants is for their new son's clothes to get dirty or ruined. Avoid this potential mess with a handy bib that keeps all spills off his clothes and all food in his mouth.

MITTENS: A baby's hands are so tiny and vulnerable to the cold. Protect their hands and fingers from not only the cold but sharp objects as well with these cute gloves! With these gloves he can still pick things up, now you can feel safe when he does so