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4 Pack Set Receiving Blankets


Get your four pack set receiving blankets today! In the baby’s beginning moments of new life, the hospital will first comfort him or her with a receiving blanket. Once home however, it is the best baby idea to have a receiving blanket as part of any at-home nursery.

The rectangular shape is designed to securely wrap any newborn to feel safe and welcomed at all times! This premium cotton material surely will keep your little one warm. While the fabric supplies heat for your baby, it has a thinness to it that offers airflow so parents won’t need to worry about overheating.

Though an accessory, receiving blankets are exceptionally versatile in functionality! The main use is for swaddling however, it can be used as a shield to block out harmful sun-rays while your baby is in the stroller or in the car. It can also be functioned to serve as a mat to change your baby’s diaper. The blanket is very absorbent for any spills, spit up, or other baby cleanups, keeping the mess off other furniture. Easy to wash too!

Nevertheless, receiving blankets make it easy to carry and move from activity to activity and place to place because this type of cloth is so light! This first blanket is an important one because it is the first material to touch your baby’s sensitive skin. We make sure our high quality receiving blankets are baby conscious and safe for the delicacy that is a newborn. This bundle packs four receiving blankets so new parents have enough cloths to rotate through and can regularly swap from blanket to blanket.