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24 Long Stem Red Roses


24 long stem red roses make a beautiful and elegant bouquet that’s perfecting for a special surprise. Gift elegant red roses to the important people in your life to express your admiration and appreciation. There is no gift as timeless and sophisticated as a gorgeous bouquet of 24 long stem red roses. 

A fresh cut, full bouquet of stunning red roses is a wonderful surprise for any celebration or special event. Impress and delight your loved ones with a charming bouquet of two dozen red roses. Dazzling long stem rose bouquets are an exquisite floral gift that offer a heartfelt expression of sincere emotion. A wonderful bouquet gift of red roses is the perfect deluxe gift to impress.

With a selection of only the freshest blossoms arranged in an artistic red rose bouquet, there is no occasion you can’t gift a timeless bouquet of 24 red roses. Each extravagant red rose bouquet is just as thoughtful as it is striking to behold.