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Substitution Policy

My Baby Gifts reserves the right to substitute any item that may be unavailable at the time of purchase for another item of equal or greater value. 

It can be difficult to always guarantee our supply of items featured in our gift baskets are in stock and available at all times.

We always aim to assemble our gift baskets with products that are true to what is advertised in our collection. But, there may be occurrences that happen which reach beyond our control as to why a certain item is unavailable. This may be because there is a shipping delay, for example. 

We strive to ensure baskets are delivered on their selected delivery dates, which includes time-sensitive occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. We may not always be able to wait for an item to arrive at the time of purchase while also ensuring your gift arrives on time.

We may need to replace a basket container for one of a different colour or shape, or we may need to replace a clothing item for one of a different design. We aim to ensure each and every one of the high-quality items in your basket are as close to the original items advertised as possible.