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Precious Newborn Boy Gift Basket


This Gift Basket includes:

JELLYCAT PLUSH BUNNY - A cute little bunny friend for your baby boy. 

4 PC RECEIVING BLANKETS - Time to wrap up your baby with these super soft and comfortable blankets. 

BABY BOOK - A fun and interactive way to teach your baby different body parts. 

5 PC COTTON CLOTHING SET - This super comfortable set includes:

SLEEPERS - Your baby boy will never want to change out of these comfortable pajamas. 

BODYSUIT - Dress up your baby with this soft bodysuit. It's easy to put on and it allows your baby to move with ease. 

BIB - Prevent your babies clothes from getting dirty. This bib will protect their clothes from stains. 

MITTENS - Little gloves designed just for your baby. These gloves are not only easy to wear but will also protect their hands from getting cold.

HAT - This cute little hat will keep your baby’s head warm while also add extra cuteness to your already adorable baby. 

3 PC COTTON KNIT OUTFIT - This fashionable clothing set includes:

KNIT PANTS - Stylish and cozy knit pants, perfect for any weather. 

KNIT HAT - Matching hats are a must and it will look amazing with this full outfit.

KNIT CARDIGAN - A soft and stylish cardigan that will grab everyone's attention. This will keep your baby warm as he enjoys a day out.

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