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Newborn Gift Basket for Baby Boy


This Baby Boy Gift Basket for Newborns includes:

JELLYCAT BUNNY: Your newborn will fall in love with this adorable bunny plush from Jellycat included in our unique baby boy gift baskets. It sure can be tough to think of baby boy gift basket ideas, so having this furry little friend included in this great baby gift will make shopping for your little one so much easier.

BABY ONESIE: Our new baby boy gift baskets showcase only the most stylish outfits and clothing items for your baby boy, including this adorable and comfortable baby blue onesie.

BOOK: A baby book is such a great gift for baby boys as they will love to hear the sound of their parents’ voice soothe them to sleep with a great story.

BLANKET: In this newborn baby gift basket you will find such a great addition for a mom to nurse her baby in. This chic and practical cotton receiving blanket is just what a mother needs to with the arrival of her new baby boy.

BABY HAT: This baby blue cotton hat will provide all the warmth and comfort your baby needs, and with our baby onesie, this will make him look adorably fashionable from head to toe.

BASKET: Chic and stylish, this basket not only holds all of these great goodies in this unique gift for baby boys, but it is also great for storage and to keep around to help with clean up with laundry, toys, toiletries, and other necessities or extras for your baby.

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